We provide expert project management advice by bringing specialised knowledge and skills to empower businesses to make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project and to add value and achieve their project and business goals.


We can support and guide businesses, developers and landowners through the creation and implementation of any Development, Project Management and Sustainability strategies and throughout this process, be able to communicate to a variety of stakeholders, why it's required, what we are aiming to do, why we are doing any aspect of each strategy, and what it will mean to the Business, Customer and wider Community, and Environment.


Provide businesses with support to deliver their project, on time, on budget and with sustainability firmly in mind.  Joe is a safe and experienced pair of hands who can provide invaluable insight across all areas of your project

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Joe's experience across all aspects of land development and construction means he is well positioned to help provide a panoramic analysis and strategy.  You will receive clear, practical and achievable advice and support.

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Joe is a true advocate for the construction industry.  He is dedicated to supporting businesses to drive positive change in the sector, by tackling projects and initiatives face on and finding solutions to realise your project goals.

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Developer & Client-side Project Management

Providing support across all stages of residential and infrastructure development, from Inception through Feasibility, Strategy, Design, Pre-Construction and Construction to Completion.

Risk Management

Identifying risks to all aspects of development, understanding why they are a risk, and recommending solutions on how best to remove, reduce or manage the risks.

Principle Designer and CDM Support

Expert advice in supporting the Client to maintain compliance with CDM duties and responsibilities, challenging and considering Health and Safety aspects of development.

Consortium & Multi-Developer Co-ordination

Management experience in chairing regular multi-developer meetings and project co-ordination, ensuring the engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Regulatory, New & Forthcoming Standards knowledge

Implementation and impact of the moves towards new Building Regulation changes, New Heat Standards, Passivhaus equivalent & energy efficiency, reducing carbon and net zero.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Practical and buildable awareness across design, technical, engineering, environmental, cost, HSEQ and compliance aspects of residential and infrastructure development.


Technical Assessment of the Land for Delivery

Reviewing the Client’s assets to evaluate the best options for delivery.

Reduce Risk

Advise on the necessary studies and reports required to mitigate or reduce the risk of failure to the project.

Environmental & Brownfield development

Extensive knowledge and experience of the requirements for brownfield development and an understanding of the mitigation measures available.

Constraints Management

Identification of what’s going to stop development, how do we deal with it, remove it, avoid it or work around it.

Maximise Land Value & Manage Abnormal Costs

Identification and reduction in site abnormal cost issues, from both landowner and developer perspectives.

Improve ROCE (Return on Capital Employed/Invested)

Through identification and financial modelling of delivery mechanism options, advise and recommend best solutions available.

Regulatory Requirements Advice

What’s needed to “Open Up & Unlock” development land potential.

Infrastructure Enabling Management

To create “Plug & Play” serviced development parcels, maximising return and cost certainty.


ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Advice for Housing Developers

Award winning experience nationally, creating and implementing strategies, objectives and measurements to improve development and business ESG credentials.

Removing the Jargon

Providing clear, practical and achievable advice and targets around sustainability, ESG, carbon footprint and net zero.

Environmental Planning & Protection

Advise on best practices during masterplanning, pre-construction and construction housing development, to protect and enhance the environment, including waste management, ecology and habitat management, surface water management, biodiversity and creating sustainable spaces and places.

Opening “Green Finance” Doors

Creating opportunities for obtaining Green Loans and Finance, providing financial benefits to the Business and your Customers.

Explaining why

Give an understanding of the need for ESG, the relationship and importance of the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and why we all have a duty.
“Meeting our needs by carrying out activities that do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet theirs”  - United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability.

Net Zero & Reducing Carbon

Supporting Clients to make moves towards reducing their carbon emissions in production and operational areas of the business.

Independent Accreditation

Support the Business through 3rd party Assessments, including Lloyds Banking Group’s Next Generation Scheme and Carbon Emissions and Embodied Carbon Assessments.

Sustainability isn’t just about the Environment

Explaining the importance of the Social aspects of ESG, protecting the workforce, enhancing the community and their wellbeing, creating jobs, training and development, and creating a sustainable business.

Improving your Customer’s Perception and Green Credentials

Helping to show what matters to you and your customers, demonstrating your ethical values, resulting in increased business performance and credibility.

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